«Lenin Museums:
Lenin in Focus»

Open for cooperation informational museum space – there are no political colours and shades. There is no debate about what country Lenin created, and how faithful his political course was. There is debate about how it is best to present an outstanding personality of extraordinary mind and talent of a tactician.

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The portal unites all who are not indifferent

All who are not indifferent to the history of the 20th century, who remains interested in the personality of V.I. Lenin, regardless of the pole of value judgments. This is a meeting place for those who are looking for arguments, who want to learn information first-hand. This is our union of Lenin museums with authentic exhibits, the union of specialists for whom Lenin and the discussion space around him is life and everyday work.
The portal unites the Lenin Museums in Russia and all over the world

The first composition of participants is the museums of Russia, which are dedicated to the history of life and work of V.I. Lenin. At the start of the project, there were seven participants in seven geographical locations in Russia from Krasnoyarsk Region to Saint Petersburg: the Lenin Memorial-Museum (Ulyanovsk) and the association «Russian historical society»

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«To speak about Lenin is like telling the «Arabian nights». In addition to the magic and mystery in all these stories there is logic: rock-solid "if — then"»

If we believe that Lenin alone organized revolution in Russia, we are forced to believe, that he ended the world war on his own.

If we consider Lenin to be a hacker who broke history — we must assume that history is imperfect and needs creative destruction…

Destroy all the statues and put a veto on his name – history and geography generate «lenin» themselves again.

Danilkin L. A.

(from the abstract for the book «Lenin. The Pantocrator of Sun Dust»)

The gem of the portal is a section dedicated to the originals from the Lenin Museum collections

There is no museum in the world where we have the opportunity to see a complete collection of Lenin's originals. History happened so that they appeared to be in different museums, but thanks to the portal, they can be seen in one place. You can see your own Vladimir Lenin, make your own presentation about him and complete an internal dispute about this versatile personality of the 20th century through the image, though virtual, and the story about authentic exhibit.

Catalogue of Originals
Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin
one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century.

One thinks of him as of a political genius, the leader of the proletariat, the creator of the state, which embodied the eternal dream of human social justice, the other considers him to be a ruthless politician, the third – a person with a good sense of humor, a traveler and a great chess player, «granddaddy Lenin». He is made up of contradictory assessments, but they all agree on one thing – this is a man who changed the world and influenced the course of history.